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www.coimbatoreflorist.com & www.coimbatoreflorists.com guarantees that:

The flower delivery orders placed on us will be delivered according to the following:

1.The ordering person's credit card is authorized by our payment gateway (CCAvenue, which has an online multilevel (SSL) encryptation, for user safety, by VERISIGN ) within 24-36 hrs of ordering (time zones vary). For queries you can e-mail us at drvalliappan@hotmail.com and we will be happy to be of service.

2. Flowers and foliages, being natural products/perishable/seasonal and since we offer not only a wide range of flowers, but also remote locations (UNIQUELY), the colours and numbers of flowers may vary depending on the delivering florist stocks on hand at your desired delivery location. In such a case, we promise to deliver an arrangement, using equal or higher value of flowers for your valuable order on this site, in proof of our commitment to customer relationship management.

3. In case of addresses/location/phone numbers given in the placed order have changed, this web site will accept no responsibility, until we email you the problem and receive a response to effect delivery later.

4. CCAvenue is our payment gateway and they bear no responsibility / delivery for orders placed on this web site and hence, do not contact them directly. In case of a rare delay in delivering your order, for reasons beyond our control, we will directly reach you by email for your advice.

5. We put all efforts to deliver your orders, as depicted in the catalogue in this site, at the specified time and date. However, due to reasons of local

holidays, strikes or such unnatural causes and due to the perishable nature of the produce itself, the colour/combination/quantity available at the florist,

on whom we place your order on, the time of delivery cannot be guaranteed. This, we hope, you will understand, given the local conditions in India (Net

connectivity and others) and the perishable nature of the product(s) and the multiple locations offered by us.


1.The practice of using credit cards, debit cards and e-trans digital cards for Internet orders, is becoming the "order" of the day. However, if you prefer other modes of payment (by banker's check/cheque or by demand draft) and when you do have a lead time of minimum 21 days before the desired date of delivery, you can also mail / post or courier your order details along with the payment and we will take care of your order. Kindly e-mail us after posting/couriering the same. For our address, phone # and e-mail details, kindly refer the section "About Us", by clicking on the same in our home page.

2.Orders once placed cannot be cancelled and for any number of gifts to the same address, can be made out in a single order. For different addresses and locations, individual orders have to be placed. This is how our Payment Gateway's shopping cart and billing work at present and we regret any inconvenience.

3.In the unlikely event of our site being unable to fulfill your order, mostly because of reasons beyond our control, our liability will only be limited to the value of the particular order, less commission debited by Payment Gateway (as applicable at the season of delivery/ order) and the bank charges concerned.

4.Complaints, if any, should be e-mailed to us within 48 hours of delivery, beyond which no complaint can be entertained.

5.We do take an acknowledgement (POD) from the receiver of your gift or his/her representative, on delivery of your order and when there is a return message from the receiver, we shall inform you the same by e-mail, along with a personal post-delivery confirmation.

6.In case of any dispute, legal or otherwise, the above mentioned POD will be only documentary proof for both parties.

7.All disputes, legal or otherwise, are subject to the terms and conditions given in this website and are subject to Coimbatore, India Jurisdiction.

8.By placing an order on this website, the user is considered to have read through the terms and conditions of this website and to have accepted the same.

9.All information provided to us in the order (your name, address, e-mail IDs, phone/fax numbers) will only be used to deliver your order effectively and will never be shared with anyone (other than the receiver) or used for commercial purposes, as we value your right to privacy, as we do our own and that is a commitment by this website.

10.Similarly, under any circumstances, the contents of this website (website design, lay-out, pictures, text etc.), which are proprietory items of http://www.coimbatoreflorist.com/ & www.coimbatoreflorists.com, should NOT be copied, reprinted, re-published, downloaded, uploaded, reprinted, transmitted by any means of communication,for commercial purposes, without prior and explicit written permission from http://www.coimbatoreflorist.com/ & www.coimbatoreflorists.com , which otherwise would amount to the consequences of violation of copyright / patent /proprietory /intellectual property rights of this website, its owners, operators, representatives and licensors / associates.Under any circumstances, this website shall NOT be held responsible, legal or otherwise, for any losses (data or income or profits) or any damages whatsoever, without limitations (direct/consequential/incidental/special), due to the user's inability to avail the productline or services, as provided by this website, bound by the terms and conditions explicitly stated as above and in other places of this website.


Other than the fresh flower arrangements, hand posies and bouquets catalogued in this website, we can also deliver home-made chocolates (1/4 kg), chocolates (1/2 kg), softly stuffed teddy bears/ teddies (1/2 to 3 feet tall) and dry flower arrangements, in addition to custom design / combination of all the gift items exhibited or mentioned in this website. Please give us a mail for the item desired (to drvalliappan@hotmail.com ) and we will mail you a quote for your choice of exclusive item.As the array of productline and their combinations are so wide, we request you to kindly e-mail us your gift of desire, along with details of the order, delivery date and location so that we can assist you by e-mailing a quote and the mode of payment.

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